Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My way of searching for keywords

Welcome to More Money Review and a new lesson, and for searching for keywords

God willing, I will explain in this post is my way of searching for keywords that can be targeted good video, blogs and sites as well as articles in the publication of articles as EzineArticles

Characteristic of this method is that you get out on the DAT Keyword Search Monthly good .. and you can use it with any product enters niche in which it operates

I mean, when I find a keyword related to PAL Weight Loss .. I will look for video respect to the word and wear it up with good internal SEO .. and attach a link affliate my any product speaks for the Weight Loss .. whether from Click Bank or Amazon or any other site marketing works the idea of ​​selling for a commission ..

Characteristic of this idea is that it can be exploited to generate income almost continuously from the video .. Yes and not only from the video believe me? Wait explanation ..
[For me working this way for more than 6 months and thankfully realize videos of monthly income's reflected quite a bit for any government job or a private company with certain ..]

Find Keywords - Keywords 

An idea .. The idea is not of an innovative, I learned from a direct meetings for a foreign kings Sioux Alex Becker ..
The idea was dubbed the method "TOP10" in the Find Tag or tagged .. so we choose who we want niche his marketing in Google and look for the best 10 products or tips, or as well as training courses in this niche
As an example application:

Niche choose the "Weight Loss" to get into the search engine Google and write, for example,

Top 10 Weight Loss Foods 

'i Get dozens of topics aimed at the sentence that we have made in the search engine

'cooking Be looking at the results of the first three and choose a topic, including

All these topics will find authors offering their best 10 food items that can be used in the normal work of the recipes and dishes cooking especially those who are interested in allocating their weight ..

I'm here and I'll choose the first topic of this association of
Please click on the image to view article

As you can see owner of the subject presents some plant food and natural cotton that can be used in recipes to eat for people who are overweight .. I'm going all these words [names of substances in the tool Google Keywords Planner and myself the monthly search them.

Here an example I chose the word "black beans" a type of bean called black beans
When we will enter the word in the tool, we will find tens of keywords that ranges from a high number of monthly search between 3,000 and 30,000 monthly search .. It's an easy and beautiful competition.

I did not mean easy competition here .. but I meant the number of competitors that are targeting the floor and mattresses occupy the first page .. find the number of backlinks their websites and their pages that target words that we obtained .. does not exceed 100 Backlink .. To find out the number of Allbecklankat Almerhfah of the page or site competitor without access to it .. you can use the Add SEO Moz own browser Firefox or Google Chrome ..

Why not try a simple no more than 10 minutes in the results obtained by the tool Keywords Planner
I found more than one word I can compete out .. These words I can easily obtainable in less than a month whether or Video Blog
Words that have to do our word tagged with the original.

The word black bean and corn salsa at a rate of up to 6600 Search Search Monthly and musk is easy to double the competition page and the first page as well as by the lack of backlinks.

Word of a second black bean salsa at a rate of 6600 as well as Search

Only two examples of these two .. and there are many words and so beautiful that domain names are available by

- For examples of words that I've found the results of which have nothing to do with the word Mother
We have
The first word healthy chicken breast recipes at a rate of approximately 22,000 Monthly Search
The second word dinner ideas for two months at a rate of approximately 14,800 research (the word is very easy)

There are many words .. It is shown that Baldkr words found in less than 15 minutes
Addendum .. simple characteristic of this method is that you will be able to build their intake of semi-Qar, much better than the competition on the new products that have intermittent income and plays on luck .. and whenever multiplied videos from the greater your monthly income ..
I wish to be successful in clarifying how well ..

Waiting for your opinion and your interaction as well as questions